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JD Aadam Profile Pic JD Aadam is an SEO expert, consultant, and a blogger.

JD has been in the digital marketing industry for more than 5 years.

He has contributed to greatly performing 50 plus SEO campaigns plus few successful social media and PPC campaigns as well.

After working for many years, accomplishing great achievements, He has decided to put a great effort to affect the whole industry in a really positive way that let the world knows of the real potential that isn’t still being founded by the majority of the business sector.

Lack of Awareness and It’s Consequences

The huge number of so-called digital marketing agencies and SEO gurus popping up and ripping off the business by not providing something of a real value which they are supposed to and to which the client, business or a person have opted for.

So, the JD has a core vision to eliminate these unhealthy practices and practitioners not by exposing them but through awareness and educating the market about the right and the wrong SEO and digital marketing practices.


The Three Aims of JD


1) Aware the Unaware

Even if you are on the right track, You’ll get run over if you just sit there. – Will Rogers

Even though, the quote wasn’t specifically said for SEO, but it does perfectly describe the nature of work and effort required to stay ahead and become a dominative existence in search engines.

So, Why do you need to be aware of the good and bad SEO practices even if you can outsource it to the agency?

Yes, I understand. You may not have enough time to to get a deep understanding, But the quality of your digital presence is crucial to you, right?.

You don’t need to be an expert.

Just Equip yourself with the knowledge that makes you able to justify harmful and beneficial SEO strategies. Few of the core understandings could be:

  • Search Engine is the Boss, So the Users.

Can you trick the boss into giving you a raise? Even if you can do that. Does this sound right to you? Or what happens if you get caught? Do you still get to have that raise or face the whatever horrible consequences which you deserve anyway?

That is exactly how the SEO strategy should be designed. It must assist the search engine to deliver the most valuable results to whatever the user intends to search for. You bring the value to the search engine users, Search engines would love to bring value to you.

  • The Boss is More Smarter Then You Think.

Google is so advanced today that it is probably better than any human to judge (in a fraction of a second) the REAL interest of your pages, the editorial quality, the originality, and your honesty to your visitors.

  • Then How the Bad SEO Agencies Exist? What Do They Do?

It’s a shame for the industry that they exist in such a huge numbers.

Even I’ve received requests to do the SEO for websites that claim to provide SEO services.

Here are just a few major red flags you should keep in mind to spot one.

  1. They guarantee the first position ranking. No one can guarantee you the first position ranking until and unless there is zero or extremely low competition. If you ever come across a scenario like this, Just take a turn and RUN!
  2. They offer you the flat fees without even looking at your website/business or digging deep by questioning and queries that are supposed to arrive while making the deal.
  3. They provide a specific set of services i.e 1000’s of backlinks or something like meta tag optimization. You probably don’t need that. It can even penalize your website by major search engines resulting loss that may need to handle more technically.
  4. This one sounds a little funny but few of them even claims to have a partnership with Google.
  5. A reputable SEO agency should report you at the end of every month about the work they have done and results they have achieved. There is a greater chance that first few months could be utilized to improve the on-page factors more.
  6. Avoid the company that claims to own the copyright of the content of any kind of data that is or will be produced for you. Or you will find yourself in a bigger problem later.
  7. Massive search engine and directory submission services is not a green signal anymore.

There could be many more points but these ones are the most common sights you may come across.


2) Inclusion of “Inspectors” in SEO

This idea first proposed by JD is purely aimed to promote, appreciate and improve the ones in the right direction as well as eliminate the black sheeps and low-quality service providers that don’t deliver as per their responsibility or commitments.

It is no big deal for a technically sound guy to fool the not so tech savvy clients for a long time period.

SEO agencies mostly charge on monthly, annually or bi-annually basis but it doesn’t always mean the amount of work or effort that has been delivered in first few months is also still being delivered.

Having them inspected/audited by an SEO Inspector could have many positive impacts as well as it can be a reliable source of security that your investment isn’t going down the drain.

  • So, What Really is SEO Inspector?

SEO inspector is someone who inspects, observe, audit, or analyzes on-going or soon to be execute planned SEO strategies and practices and give you a detailed report having his arguments, remarks, and suggestions backed by authentic information resources.

  • The Benefits of Inspector’s Intervention After Every Specific Time Period.

Obviously, you just can’t pay someone and get settle for the result or return it brings to you.

There is always room for improvement and activity like this can really have a big impact improving the ROI and having a sense of control over the SEO agency making your investment safe.

No one can be more careful about your business than you.

It may also help the agencies learning more and improving themselves as well. No one can claim to know about everything. Sharing of the experiences is always rewarding for everyone involved.

in simple words

  • Sounds Good? Let’s Make This Happen.

There is no rocket science behind that. Find someone who you find extremely experienced or capable.

I know it is the hardest part and you have to do it manually, but its worth it.

After finding the right candidate let him know what you plan and share your concerns as well if there is any.

Following are the few recommendations that can be helpful.

  1. Do it all over the emails or if possible don’t let him communicate directly with the agency. Be the bridge between them.
  2. Send him all the received reports and ask him if he smells something fishy?
  3. Tell him to make a report on all the mistakes, errors, blunders and as well suggest the suitable improvements.
  4. Recommend him to use the guiding tone in the email.
  5. Every mistakes, errors, blunders or improvement suggested must be backed up with the authentic information sources.
  6. The Final Judge is You.


3) Sharing The Lessons Learned

Last but not least. This is what most of the content in this blog will be about. You’ll find the best in-depth guides, suggestions and up to date resources related to SEO and Digital Marketing with as much detail as possible.

Thank You 🙂