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Hello, I'm JD Aadam

 I share extremely useful suggestions, resources, tools, details, and guides for  SEO & Digital Marketing over time.


Website Design & SEO: Essentials You Must Know

Table of Contents: Role of Web Design in SEO How Web Design Impact Search Engine Ranking What is Search Engine Friendly Website? 10 Essentials Tips to Design a Search Engine Friendly Websites 1) What is Index-able Content? Why is It Necessary for your Website? 2) How...

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320 Characters Meta Description Update – A Game Changer?

Not In-Depth Video Summary of This Blog Post. The length of search engine snippets are 320 characters (max) and it is official now, A Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land: We recently made a change to provide more descriptive and useful snippets, to help people...

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The Blog is a New Existence. New Posts Coming Soon. 

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JD Aadam

JD Aadam

JD Aadam is an SEO consultant, speaker and a blogger with realistic visions and aim to aware people as much as possible about the right and wrong SEO practices and eliminate the so-called SEO gurus. Read More